Defiance the broken game

User Rating: 2 | Defiance PC
Defiance is an embarrassment to the gaming industry! I felt like I was playing a pre beta game!

I started playing when it was into its 2nd week and noticed a lot of bugs. After the big patch it had a ton more bugs! 207 hours of game play with 4 characters that can't move forward because of broken quest caused by another bug that forced a server roll back. is enough for me to quit.

The best way for me to describe this game is like Ordering a stake dinner and they bring you a bowl of lard with a hair in it!

Trion released a beta as retail just so it would come out the same day the show aired

The fun was short lived when after several ark falls I realized the reward was the same random shield and grenade. There are way to many broken issues to mention and not enough fun stuff

But don't take my word alone on this. Go to their forum and read through the 190 plus pages of bug reports and tech issues before you buy this game! It's not worth the $60.00