Well worth the money

User Rating: 9 | Defiance PC
Played Beta of this game and loving the final release.

Defiance is a MMO type first person shooter. The game si a great deal of fun and the pve environment allows co-op play whereas there are separate maps for multiplayer king of the hill type games.

The environment graphics are very good but the character models do look quite old and remind me somewhat of Star Trek online. Also character creation which has a number of pre-sets leaves a lot to be desired.

That said this is mainly a pve game with no monthly sub fees and the game takes you by the hand and guides you as to what to do. The action is fast and furious and this is a very innovative game indeed as it's nothing like any other game I've played before. In addition to which there will be the tie in to the TV programme which starts in a couple of weeks and affects the game.

Combat is fun and there are some challenging boss fights and numerous nice little cutscreens to move the story along

Graphics 9
Gameplay 10
Stability 10
Sound 10
Value for money 10
Overall 9

Review deck:
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