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I've never played an MMO.  Defiance is my first attempt at the genre, please answer as much as you can.  I read somewhere that this can be played solo, and I am intending on playing it on solo as much as the game permits.

1)  Can Defiance be played solo as a straightforward 3rd-person shooter with a story, with a beginning and an end? 

2)  Please explain the allure of MMO's in general and Defiance specifically.  What is it about MMO's that make them so addicting? For MMO veterans, what about Defiance is groundbreaking and you are most looking forward to?

3)  Also please explain in detail PvP and PvE and free to play and their implications.


Thanks in advance.

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Answers as best I can Fighter 1. Defiance can be played solo, cooperative, and pvp. The main campaign has a start and finish, and players can drop into to assist you on any mission at any time. So the answer to your first question is yes. 2. The most alluring thing about MMO's is that they are typically updated with content constantly. And to that effect the show and game are suppose to be sympatico, meaning they will follow each other. The most ground breaking thing for me is being able to take down huge bosses, in an open world fallout setting, with tons of other people. I mean Happy Wars is great but its no RPG shooter. 3. F2P means just that, there's a cash store but no subscription fee so once ya buy the game thats it similar to GW2. PVP is set up in zones called shadow wars where you can kill and pulp other players to your hearts content, or you can choose to avoid those zones completely. PVE handles much like any MMO you drive around and if you see an event you can participate and start killing baddies. Hope this helps =)
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hi i like to ask for xbox do i need to have the gold membership??
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to play online yes you need gold

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to add to what galactic said, and from my MMORPG experience (Defiance is called a MMO shooter but has many MMORPG elements)

The MMO allure is a mix of things. First having an evolving character : he gains levels, which will give him new powers, equipment to make him better to face bigger challanges and make him more useful in a team. Then the interaction with other players : either coop as teams (or guild which are huge numbers of gamers that can organise events and allow for fast finding of players to from teams ; usually a big guild will have a website on the internet with various information such as members levels, times of gathering ... ; in Defiance it's called clans) that will try to reach a goal, most often some missions that will be easier or bring better equipment if done with other players.

The game system is built around these elements : trying to do varied missions that will make you discover the world and story with the Non player characters that will usually give you the missions and explain things about the world and why you need to do some things. And of course there's the chase for "loot" (what I called equipment) that the enemies will leave whendead (called "drop") or you'll find in boxes in Defiance. You'll also be able to make equipment better yourself with a limited element of "craft" - in most MMORPG you can buy with in game money equipment already crafted by other players.

I think (I have ordered the game but not received it yet, but plaed the beta) the story will be important as there's a TV show too that may last a few years.

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1) Defiance can be completed by yourself with the exception of major Arkfalls, which require multiple players to complete. However, the game automatically notifies everyone of where these completely optional events are on their map so there's nothing for you to do.

2) The allure first allure of MMOs is that you have a consistent character that you can develop, customize, and progress. The time you invest in the game is rewarded and you will have certain advantages over those who have invested less time. The second is you can play with 100s of players at the same time.

3) PvP is acronym for player versus player. PvE is an acronym for player versus environment. In some MMOGs, massively multiplayer online games, you choose whether you would like to player on a server where players on a opposing faction are able to attack (and vice versa) while you are out questing. The servers that allow players of opposing factions to openly attack each other without declaring a duel are PvP servers. On PvE servers, players are only able to cooperate with each other even if an opposing faction and cannot attack each other without both players agreeing to a duel beforehand.

Massively multiplayer online games require heavy duty servers for the hyndreds of players in the same game, maintenance, and typically frequent updates. This is expensive. Companies offset the cost of these servers by one of two ways. The first is a subscription based service where after the intial purchase of the game and 1-3 months of play, the user pays a monthly fee which is typically around $15 a month. Free to play MMOs do not require a monthly fee and typically make their money by charging users for items or other bonuses. Some free to play MMOs don't even charge an initial upfront cost to buy/play the game such as Planetside 2. Defiance has no subscription fee, but there is a season pass available for purchase, which makes some of us wonder if we will see the frequent updates that are typically associated with MMOs or whether we will have to purchase the DLC and season pass to access additonal content.