User Rating: 1.5 | Defender PS2
Basically don't play. Crappiest gameplay ever. Just do not play it.

There is practically no pros in this game. The story is the only cool thing. Or the idea. Oh, yea, and blowing up aliens is a cool idea too.

Cons. AHHH! Graphics, gameplay, sound, variety, all of the above, SUCKS! Trust me. If you are really into aliens and all that stuff (yah, STUFF), then possibly rent it. Otherwise, don't even look at the box! It makes me want to bash it with a golf club! Chainsaw, whatever your little heart desires.

Midway is good. This game is not. You'll probably have more fun playing some Burger King game. It's that bad. Seriously, I highly doubt you will enjoy this game. Buy another space ship game if you have to. Just don't shell out you're money on this crap. Flying spaceships has never been this boring. Don't buy it. Period.