A game that had great potential

User Rating: 7 | Defender GC
This is the 3D version of the old "Defender" games and it seems to try to be good but it's actually not. The game is really hard and can be more frustrating than a fun challenge. The most annoying part is when you have to constantly rescue colonists. This could have been implemented better but it just feels like a task to do when you are not shooting. Speaking of shooting the game is fun in that are but it just does not do much from there. The game has good graphics when it comes to the design of the various fighters that you have but everything else looks bad. The game runs at a smooth 60 FPS and i did not see any slow-downs.There is an inconsistency between what looks good and what looks bad in the game. The explosions look really bad and It does not look like a massive explosion, that would have been more enjoyable. They just look like a wisp of colored smoke. There is a good amount of different weapons that can be used in different situations so that is a plus for this game. The story has no depth to it although that is not really needed in this type of game but it would have been a nice touch. The sound seems repetitive and the music seemed a little dull but it is not annoying. The cut-scenes are nice looking and I enjoyed watching them. Overall this game is good for people who like aircraft combat and want to shoot flying aliens with it, but if your looking for a nice rich and deep experience you will not find it in this game.