Strategetic Gameplay!!!

User Rating: 8.8 | Defender GC
Well hey everybody just to tell you that this the best Space Sim out there for me cuz I can enjoy it with my Brother. You may all think why does he play game that arent so good. Bu tot tell you it is really strategetic and intense. I will give you my breif overview on this Game.

10/10 Solid because it features very cool enemies and how to take them down and features a CO-OP mode to have some really cool time for casual Games.

8/10 not the best but wat the heck, you dont need beautiful graphics to play any type of game, its the gameplay that matters.

9/10 Has sounds that resemble Laser Beams and shotguns that sound really good.

7/10 Worth it because if your just casual gamers then this might work out for you because it features strategic gameplay which feels really good.

Overall I would give this game an 8.6 because it really is fun and really cool to play through the game