This game was crazzzzy but once you get FFNY well...your gonna be amazed how much it stinks to FFNY!!!

User Rating: 9.1 | Def Jam Vendetta GC
Umm... This Is a really good game but FFNY is a bit better but the thing that piss me off was that a blazin is the only way to K.O. Also This game is REALLY short so have fun playing. But the only part when you'll be frustrated is when you face DMX . He's REALLY Though so.. Toug Luck. lol. But after a while you'll start getting tired and get bored ALOT. and.......ok im running out of stuff to write=D soooo rent it first n see how you like itAMD THIS REALLY BORING WRITIN NOTHING FOR LIKE 20 MIN. I HURT MY LEG=( IT BLED SO MUCH U CANT IMAGINE