Maybe not as good as Def Jam FFNY, but still has a lot of potential

User Rating: 8.5 | Def Jam Vendetta PS2
I bought this game, enjoyed it, and then I moved on to Def Jam: FFNY. But, as the influence of a lot of my game purchases nowadays, My little brother really wanted to play this one because he was getting bored of FFNY. So, I bought it, and I vowed I wouldn't play it, but i couldn't control myself. I was also getting bored of FFNY, and I wanted something that went back to the No Mercy days of wrestling. I clearly forgot a lot of the controls because it took me a good amount of time to get into it again. See, this game plays more methodically than its sucessors. It plays more like a wrestling game, and less like a fighting game. Depending on your preferences, this could either be good or bad. It's a lot more slower, so at the beginning, you will be able to see grapples/strikes and quickly reverse/block them without a lot of problems. But, in the later levels, your reversing skills will have to be sharp in order to get past them. The story mode is good, and the only thing that holds it back is that you are only limited to playing it 4 times, which is enough anyway. I love the graphics because they have that graffiti look. Almost all of the characters look like their real life counterparts, and all of the arenas look colorful. The opening scene should be enough to hype you up as it looks so realistic, and it almost consumes you. You are introduced to the voice of D-Mob, the underground fighting kingpin. He explains what this game is all about, and also introduces you to his legion of followers, which are rappers such as Method Man, Redman, Ludacris, etc.

If you have any interest in rap/hip hop culture, then you will enjoy this game to the fullest. Also, if you like N64 wrestling games, you will also enjoy this game. If you're a combination of the two, this game will be a god-send.