Haven't we all wanted to bash up Ludacris?

User Rating: 8.5 | Def Jam Vendetta GC
This game is absurdly hard. Or maybe I'm just really bad at wrestling games. Iv'e never beaten a wrestler first try, and just when I'm about to win, the opponent gets a powerful grapple move on me and then uses a Special. Anyway, this game is actually enjoyable when you learn how to play well. You can unlock 40-something characters in the game, but you can only play as 4 in story mode, which is a bit annoying, but it works fine. This game has some great music too. When fighting the bosses, they play one of there songs, usually pretty good ones too. And the voice work is pretty good too. And I quote: (Gravelly voice) Nobody, ever, beats, me. Brilliant. The enemies are intimidating, and the character models look just like the real thing too. If you like wrestling games, and don't mind a bit of difficulty, this game a try.