This game was changed for the better

User Rating: 8.6 | Def Jam: Icon PS3
When i heard a new Def Jam game was coming out for the next gen systems i was very excited considering i loved the past two titles but then when i heard they change the gameplay i wasnt to happy about that but after playing it for about 30 mins i soon got over it

My fav part of this series is making your own character and building up their status in the game and of course buying the cool clothes and jewelry Graphically i think this is one of the best PS3 games its just real good to look at specially how everything goes with the beat to music its very cool

As for the gameplay it does take awhile to get used to specially if already used to the old controller scheme but as i said before you soon will get over it even though i do miss the old special moves the other elements in the gameplay kinda pick up the slack of it not being there

My only complaint about the game is WHERE IS THE COOL FEMALE RAPPERS??? no Lil Kim Trina Shawnna nothing!!

But its still a great game i suggest anybody to pick it up