Best fighting game.

User Rating: 9.2 | Def Jam: Fight for NY PS2
when i got def jam vendetta when it came out i thought it was great and out came fight for new york and i didn't think it could be better but then i decided to get it then wow! it had create a fighter, five fighting styles 40 fighter, 22 venues, so many match types a great story and in story your character actually talks and yu can pick what he wears.

Graphics: the graphics are great everything looks realistic.

Gameplay: fast paced, violent, bloody agressive action.

Sound: great music, voice overs, sound effects.

Def Jam fight for ny. i never played def jam vendetta but when i played fight for ny i was thinking the the 1st part would also be a good 1 so i bought it too that 1 is also cool.