this game will blow your mind!

User Rating: 9 | Def Jam: Fight for NY PS2
this game will have you and your friends busy for hours

PROS:good graphics for 04,some of the lines they say are pretty funny,tons of moves you can do,and i mean TONS!,up to 4 player multiplayer so all your friends can join in,tons of venues to play in,lots of player to buy/unlock,different types of fighting styles,weapons are fun to use,pain staking moves are voilent and funny

CONS:controls take some time to get use to,took me and my friends 2 hours to master them completly,grappling is sorta hard to do,some of the classes over power other ones so when your one on one at the end of a big free for all and he knows he can over power you then you basically give up,the bots on singleplayer even on easy are too good

OVERALL:this game is a riot to play besides the controls this game is almost perfect,24 venues to unlock and 74 people to buy,could easly of been online game