Great game...a good beat'em'up with lots of famous rappers

User Rating: 9 | Def Jam: Fight for NY PS2
Story: just nothing to talk about here. You are a new rapper that must fight in order to survive. You join the good guys and face the bad guys [the Pimp Daddy Snoopy Dogg]. Veeery generic

Gameplay: easy to learn, easy to use. You can perform lots of combos and when your gauge [forgot the name] is full you can perform a vicious special combo, that should break lots of thinks and give to the victim a horrible painful death

Graphics: great graphics. The scenarios/arenas are well made, with crowd and everything else. The char is customizable with thousands of thinks, that responde pretty good to the game itself

Sound: fantastic musics and great voice acting [except, of couse, the main char]. You can kick a rappers ass enjoying they own music

Value: GET THIS GAME....its great. Buy and amuse yourselves using Snoopy Dogg to kick Fat Joe's ass