This game is a waste of money, read if you don't believe

User Rating: 2 | Deep Black: Reloaded PC
My God... This game is awful, frustrating and, sometimes, annoying. It's a long review, but please read all before buy it. The plot is nearly non-existent, your "partner" is a women voice that can only say flat comments or obvious things, so it's all combat, combat and another combat; but the combat is the real PROBLEM of this game! The underwater-combat idea is cool, but mostly unused and boring. The rest it's a classic TPS game but made really bad: your character is as agile as pacman, there is no "sprint" command (you can only do a sloooooow somersault pretty useless), if you exit a cover he will at first WALK, and then start to run; if you stick an arm out to shoot or to throw a grenade (if you are lucky and your character don't STAND UP to throw it...) you will take as much damage as if you are out of cover; weapons are really weak and i cannot understand if enemies had vital points, like the head, cause sometimes a few shoots there means death, sometimes i need 20 bullets in the throat to kill someone without armor; so, weapon are weak, let's use grenades and the explosive barrels that are everywhere! ok, you can, but the explosion is at best 1 FOOT WIDE! and i've seen enemies stand after i've stuck a granade ON THEM! And the problems didn't end here! you are supposed to use you harpoon (why you can't use outside water is a mystery) to hack the underwater bots but sometimes it didn't work; underwater you will be attacked by explosive mines that follows you, and there is no way to hack or shoot them cause they are too fast (btw you die after more than 4 mines in a raw, just to speak again of the explosion power). You CAN'T get to cover with a rocket launcher! The checkpoint sistem is really broken, they are placed completely random. After the first 10 hour and more you will continue to see ALWAYS the same place, just with a different disposition of the covers, untile you change to 2 different "area", that are the same as before but with some different elements. You don't realize how good are the game you always play until you play something like this. I didn't make to finish it before i tried to destroy my own computer, this game is a real waste of money.
I hope this was an experiment. With some adjustments (or maybe a beta testing...), but i don't know how hard is to make them, the game could be a good TPS. In this way, it's just frustrating.