Deca Sports Freedom Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Let's win 10 VS Matches while in Single-Player mode! 10 wins!
    Hit all the gold targets in Single-Player Archery. Archery Master
    Play all sets in deuce status in a three-set, 21-point beach volleyball match! Beach Battle
    Play a perfect game in Single-Player Beach Volleyball! Beach Volleyball Master
    Knock out your opponent in 3 rounds or less in Single-Player Boxing! Boxing Master
    Recruit an opponent in Host Match! Competition Host
    Play all sets in deuce status in a three-set tennis match! Court Battle
    Win a kendo match with a single strike! Deadly Strike
    Play all 10 sports by yourself using Kinect! Decathlete
    Play all 10 sports with another player using Kinect! Decathlete Team
    Watch all of the credits! Developer Fan
    Play a perfect game in Single-Player Dodge Ball! Dodge Ball Master
    Get a GOOD or better rating in any program and score over 180 in Single-Player Figure Skating! Figure Skating Master
    Compete in a Player match! Friendly Player
    Play a perfect match in Single-Player Kendo by never getting hit by your opponent! Kendo Master
    Cross the finish line without ever slowing down in snowboard cross! Lightning Descent
    Perform EXCELLENT jumps twice for a total score of over 190 in Single-Player Mogul Skiing! Mogul Skiing Master
    Beat your opponent by 20 points or more in Single-Player Paintball (Elimination rules)! Paintball Master
    Read all the rules! Perfect Preparation
    Deliver 100 punches in a single match! Punch Monster
    Ski down the run within 26 seconds in mogul skiing! Record Descent
    Do not fall even once in figure skating! Safety First
    Compete in a Ranked match! Serious Competitor
    Cross the Advanced course's finish line in 2'20" or less in Single-Player Snowboard Cross! Snowboard Cross Master
    Play to the end even without coming in first in the league! Sportsmanship
    Win after a dodge ball match is down to one player on each team! Stadium Duel
    Play using your own avatar! Star Athlete!
    Win all points from 1 to 10 in an archery match! Straight Flush
    Survive a paintball match without ever getting hit! Survivor
    Create your own custom team! Team Owner
    Play a perfect game in Single-Player Tennis! Tennis Master
    View all the tutorials! Warm-up Master
    Win the Global Cup! Won Global Cup
    Win the Global League! Won Global League
    Win the Local Cup! Won Local Cup
    Win the Local League! Won Local League
    Win the National Cup! Won National Cup
    Win the National League! Won National League
    Win the Ultimate Cup! Won Ultimate Cup
    Win the Ultimate League! Won Ultimate League

    Contributed by: R351D3NT3V1L4 

  2. Avatar Awards

    Get a 20-hit rally in tennis. DSF/SIF Special Wear
    Enter sudden death in any sport. DSF/SIF T-Shirt
    Shout "HUDSON!" while in the Locker Room. Hashisuke T-Shirt

    Contributed by: Guard Master