Repetitive. Meaningless combat. This is not an RPG. Bottom line: Annoyingly boring

User Rating: 4.5 | DeathSpank PC

No idea why they call this game an RPG. Sure you level up, but there are not stats, no character personalization or customization in any way or form, no skills, no role and repetitive play...

Smash your mouse click non stop, get some "loot" that is not real loot because you will get it whether you want it or not. When you "level up" you don't really level up because stats wise... there are no stats, you simply get the choice of getting 1 out of 3 "enhancement" cards...

No multiplayer, REPETITIVE... have I already said it? REPETITIVE combat... Quests are typical of any rpg but with any kind of immersion "go there get my key", "go there kill 10 goblins", and so on...


Game intents to show a cartooned graphics and it does well to that extent, using 2D graphics for buildings and the like.


All the sound you can expect from repeating bashing your weapon against NPCs for hours and hours.

Bottom line:

Fun game for 13 years old and below. My kids are playing it as I write this review and they love it.

Not an RPG of any kind for people looking for a true RPG to enjoy.