Deathrow Cheats For Xbox

  1. Extra Credits

    Hold the WHITE buttom for approx. 60 seconds on the ''Manage Team'' screen. The number of extra credits depends on the difficulty. To do this more than once, you will have to reboot the Xbox.

    Contributed by: Satanic Nemesis2K 

  2. Unlock Everything

    Enter your name as ''SouthEnd'' (Make sure ''S'' and ''E'' are capital letters)

    Contributed by: Satanic Nemesis2K 

  3. Passwords

    Enter these codes as the name for Player 4.

    Effect Effect
    NOFOV Decrease Field of View
    NOSYNC Increase Frame Rate
    NOHUD Remove HUD
    MOREROOM Unlock All Arenas
    ALL150 Unlock All Teams and Players
    NO FEAR Unlock Extreme Mode
    CONFUSED Unlock Multidisc Mode

    Contributed by: likk, Satanic Nemesis2K 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ/Strategy Guide by endresults 104K