Could have been alot better.

User Rating: 7.5 | Death Jr. PSP
Death.jr is a decent platformer/hacknslash game but could have been alot better with more cutscenes and humor.

Gameplay: Basicly you are in a museum and you hop from level to level to gather the puzzle pieces. Of course there monsters who are bugging you on your trip.

Pretty fun. An 7.5/10

Graphics: Good the levels are well done and fits the game totally

An 7.5/10

Sound: It's OK but not that impressive


Controls: People say that the camera is so bad but you only need to push the L button so what's the problem? The biggest problem is to aim which monster you wanna shoot. Also hopping from a platform to another is sometimes a problem.


Overall: Like a said before a decent game which could have been alot better with more humor, cutscenes and better controls.

Rating: 7.5/10