What a waste of 10 dollars.

User Rating: 1 | Death Jr. PSP
You start out at DJ, the Grim Reaper's son, as he and his friends go to an museum for a field trip. As DJ progresses through the museum, they see a chest that cannot be opened. In an effort to impress Pandora, you open it, and your friends get captured, and you must find pieces of their mind to help them.
The story is pretty basic. Not much story here, but then again, it was a launch game, but still, the story is bad.
The gameplay is a mess. First you have platforming. There is no second analog-stick (stupid Sony!), so the camera is hard to control, meaning you'll be dying because of platforming issues left and right. You get dual-pistols, but can get some others, such as a freeze gun, and a shotgun. Aiming is hard, unless you lock on to an enemy. Still, it's hard.
Then there is your huge scythe. You can preform combos with it, and use it to grab on elevated ledges. Sometimes this works, sometimes this does not. Most of the time it does not.
One problem is continues. Look, now, I know games are meant to be challenging, but when they give you 4 continues, long levels, and hard AI, you'll get annoyed. The enemies are annoying, platforming is annoying, is there anything good about this game?
I know this is a launch-title, but still, the in-game cutscenes are bad. During the whole scene, you'll see some lag. Also, the textures in the cutscenes are bland, with barely any detail. There is no voice-over, excluding a cutscene. All the dialogue in gameplay is completely text.
If you want this game, i suggest you rent it. This game is really bad. Worse then Fox News.