death jr is fun but not very long.

User Rating: 7.5 | Death Jr. PSP
this game is pretty darn good.but you can beat it in 2-3 days if you REALLY TRIED. the game is only like 4 hours long and some of the bosses are really tough. but you do get cool moves cool weapons cool enemies and enviroments. this is one of the first 3D platformers for the PSP sytem. And its my first PSP game too. the games graphics are O.K. but they could be better. and the sound of hearing your enemies Crunch and splats when they hit lava, get shot at, or just get sliced with the good old sythce! the story is good too. one day you and your weirdo friends go on a field trip and you all sneak off. just to impress pandora, your crush, you slice a lock off an evil box and an evil necromncer kidnapps theyre puzzle peice souls and you must get them! im not going to spoil the WHOLE story so if you want to know play the game.