good fun but can be extremely hard.

User Rating: 8.5 | Death Jr. PSP
Death Jr. is an innovative game. The cut-scenes and story line are really good. It keeps you occupied and immersed in the game. But once you get past the first levels, some of the second levels seem to be completely impossible to do. I know I struggled with some of the levels as has my husband. Each individual level is fun and has a lot of weird and interesting things. The graphics are very good. This is one of those games where I would suggest looking up a walk through or some cheats. I feel the difficulty increases way to greatly on certain levels. The monsters within each level are all unique. And the weapons are pretty cool along with the upgrades for the weapons. I found the game to be enjoyable but at times frustrating. I would suggest buying this game used instead of new and only if you are up for a challenge.