Great to the level of 8 out of 10! Worth playing, Majorly.

User Rating: 8.5 | Death Jr. PSP
This game was given to me by a friend for my system, so I can't say this game is the talk of the town, but this game is gory and has a great story line too. This game had me glued to the screen even through those tough times where I didn't know what to do..... when I had to charge the system I was wondering what new weapons I would get and how hard the next level would be, this game was a major turn on from the beginning, though it's a little far fetched on why the normal kids are going to school with the grim reapers kid. I would highly recommend this game for any teen or adult that loves gore to the core! nothing makes me happier than to play a game that's violent and fun! That's all I've got to say but this game is a great time to spend your day when you're waiting for something , need to blow some steam off, or just to see monsters go boom!