Surprisingly Good!

User Rating: 7.5 | Death Jr.: Root of Evil WII
I'm playing death jr root of's surprisingly good.

the camera is spot can press C to re-center camera just like in super mario galaxy. the only problem is targetting the enemy, there is no "target-lock" button in the game. if you got used to no more heroes target locking then slashing, it'll be a bit of an adjustment.

graphics are 7.5/10...a little more polish would've done it great. but it still looks great, compared to most wii games. at least in this game you see they really made effort...just not super mario galaxy kind of achievement, if you know what i mean.

gameplay is 8.5/ learn a new attack move eventually along the way, which is great, so players won't need to memorize what to swing for all moves at the start of the game.

sound is 7.0/10...the voice actors are great! but the dialog writers are lame...

i'd say this game is a 7.5/10...not as good as super mario galaxy as a platformer, a little polish in graphics and sound dialogs would've given it wonders. but definitely a title to pick up.