Taking this game for granted is a mistake. This is the only Marvel Comic superhero that has brought a quality game.

User Rating: 8 | Deadpool X360
Ever since I started playing this game I got hooked. People say its somewhat closer to DMC but I couldn't disagree more. I bought DMC (the one with the new Dante) months ago and I only went as far as the 3rd stage and I was bored as hell.. Same thing with DarkSiders 2. However Deadpool is a fun game. Action, Humor and lots of fun. Last time I had this much fun playing a game was bullet storm. You get the idea. ;) .. So the gameplay overall is quite impressive comparing it to other Marvel Comic titles such as SpidermanWOS or Wolverine Origins. Slicing your enemies with Ketanas, Sies and Hummers gives a satisfying feeling while combining those moves with Teleportation, Momentum Combos and Guns makes the fighting intense. The usage of guns in this game is a huge plus games mechanics wise. Its not like DMC's gun shooting with infinite amo and no effect. It actually feels like a 3rd person shooting game when you use guns. Awesome story telling so far and the humor keeps you wanting to play the game more and more. Weapon upgrades are simple and easy to use. And every now and then Deadpool will say something funny about you!

Give it a go.. Its better than most of the games these days. :)