Humor and extreme profanity of Deadpool is not enough to justify its price.

User Rating: 5 | Deadpool X360
Playing this game reminded me of the latest Duke Nukem. Its humor intact but game play, archaic. All you do in the game is fight hoards upon hoards of mindless dumb clones in very boring repetitive environments.
The writers have done a good job recreating Deadpool into this game as he feels the same as in the comics. Many a times Deadpool breaks the fourth wall in exciting fashion never seen before. Deadpool is given life with top notch voice acting. If you play it just for the humor, it's awesome. But sadly the charms of the humor also dry out of this adventure a couple hours in and you are left stranded in the middle of the ugly A.I. and badly designed maps.
This adventure only lasts for about 4 hours and seems pretty useless to buy for the full price taking into consideration that the online component is just a bunch of challenges in which you can make high scores.
If you can wait for a price drop to about $20 it would be justify the game. I would have rated this game 7.0, if I had bought it for that much.