A Good Solid Production

User Rating: 8 | Deadpool X360
Deadpool is a good solid game that is nothing revolutionary, but fun to play.
It has nice models and textures that are well animated, and the voice acting is pretty well done too. The meat of it is a lot of stabbing and shooting with some humor thrown in here and there, and also throws in some classical-styled mini-games to mix things up now and then. Its fun building up combos, using the special attacks, and watching and listening to the comedy. The drawbacks are that it is short, the other heroes play small parts. the last boss fight is anti-climactic, and you're sometimes unable to get away from the enemies by using teleport, but that rarely happens except when the game throws massive amounts of enemies at you at the same time. All other possible glitches have been hammered out, there is no getting stuck in the wall or other errors like falling through them map, and it shows that its a solid production. It could have been better, but because of it's short playtime and anticlimactic ending I will not give it a 9.

Overall. this is a solid production with only minor drawbacks. It's this games absurd humor and storyline mixed with tons of action that makes this game entertaining.