DP reminds me of the original Resident Evil...on the PC

User Rating: 6 | Red Seeds Profile X360
1) Controls are horrendous and the mapping seems wrong

2) Graphics aren't horrible, but definitely not NextGen

3) Combat is extremely easy if you use a blunt weapon/knife. Using the pistol is horrendous. The crosshairs are all over the place and difficult to get into, stick to the Knife

4) Some elements attempt to immerse you; dark areas (you use a flashlight attached to your lapel) Music is much better than expected and alerts you to dangers, etc

The game feels much like the old days of Resident Evil when we played it on a PC that couldn't run Notepad today. The walking/running, weapon control and all together feel of the game is wrong and clunky. No sense of any type of walkthrough is felt while first starting the game, its trial and error at it's finest. I was an hour in to it before I found the items such as Band Aids, Cigarettes and others that either calm your nerves or heals you somewhat.

If you can make it through the first hour then you may be able to see it through to the end. The beginning is horrible and makes you want to quit it almost immediately. Cheesy dialogue and unneeded "Observe" points slow the game's pace down to a crawl.

What do you expect for $20? I knew what I was getting in to when I purchased it, but figured for the price of a pizza I could have a few laughs and reminisce of the days that started this genre.

Graphics: 6
Gameplay: 4 (Due to clunky weapons control and ability to move around in the game world)
Music: 7.5

Bottom Line: If you have an extra $20 and want something better to do than watching paint dry, pick it up. Otherwise this is a definite rental (which may find it's way on the coffee table until it has to be returned)