My vote for the strangest yet coolest game ever!

User Rating: 7.5 | Red Seeds Profile X360
I do not even know how to start with this game. The graphics are very low level compared to what's out there today but it would have been top notch for a ps2 game at the time.
The story is down right nuts but still very thought out. The main character has an imaginary friend (so I think) and he talks to him often which turns out to be hilarious conversation. Even in front of other people who strangely enough either don't notice or don't care. He's a you know what to everyone and that makes him my hero.
The sound and music in this game is classic. Often the music gets louder than the conversation and it almost seems that the people are trying to talk over the music. Some of the sound is pretty weak but it doesn't really matter with this game.
The controls at first feel bad but after an hour of play they feel quite good. The aiming is a liitle hard at first but that gets easy after awhile as well.
You can drive around the whole town (horrible controls) and spy in every window. There is a ton of places to explore although the drive in between can be lengthy.
Still this game is awesome. It's like finding a rare gem from ten years ago and wondering why you've never heard of it.
Although it is a very cool and satisfying game it does not deserve higher than 7.5. The driving is lame and sometimes things are just downright glitchy like the pause menu. It will just go off on it's own and circle all the options over and over until you stop it. I sometimes wonder if this was done on purpose just to add to the weirdness. I could almost imagine that this game is possessed and when it's over my house will be haunted. That would be cool!
Anyway this game is classic and if you don't take your games to serious you will enjoy this thoroughly. I know I am!!!
IGN should be ashamed for reviewing this so low. I've played games that they have reviewed high that were crap! So there!