Stay away from this bargain bin title.

User Rating: 3 | Red Seeds Profile X360
I knew when I bought this game that at $20, you can't expect. I read the graphics are ps2 graphics, and they are. I heard the voice acting is terrible, and it is. But I can look past that if the game has a descent story, especially a survival horror game.
However, I can't get past a game that has the worst controls of a character in the entire xbox 360 library. They are basically broken, and totally renders the rest of the game pointless. That's ashamed, because the one thing Deadly Premonition had going for it was has extremely strange and different it is from anything else for the xbox 360. But when contols are as broken as this, nothing else really matters.
Another shame in it all is I like the idea of buying a brand new game for $20. But if game companies can't give the gamer a higher quality product than this, then they shouldn't even bother. Bottom line.....wasted potential.