A game that doesn't try to copy any other and is very very unique if you give it the time. So says Mr. Stewart.

User Rating: 9.5 | Red Seeds Profile X360
This game is just a gem that you need to give time to shine if you try to see what makes it really really good on a few hours you will miss it and probably will think that is very bad but it's far from it.

It's like a weird survival horror open world gta mix with some bizarre humor and nothing feels right the first time you play it but you will want to keep playing it no matter what, it's like a B movie but actually a very good one there is just nothing else like this game.

I'm going to start with the good things about the game:

+++The story is fantastic and it haves a lot of twist on the plot that you dont see them coming at all, everything that happens on the game have a reason even if you dont find it right a way it have it.

+++The characters are awesome, very unique and you do care for most of them specially for the main character York and Emily

+++Great dialogs and funny weird and bizarre humor, add it great voice acting and you got a perfect match here.

+++Excellent music and sounds just excellent! There are about 20 tracks on the game and every single one is fantastic.

++Lots of thing to do on the game and a lot of side quest, fishing, playing games etc etc, tons of hours besides the main story that will take you 20hours alone more or less

+Even if the graphics are bad the characters models are very good IMO and you find lots of details on them

+The people on the town actually do things, they go to eat, work, travel etc etc they dont just stay on one place all the time like puppets and they respond to things that happens with the plot they dont always respond with the same things.

Now on the bad things:

- - - - The map is atrocious I've never seen a map designed like this one, you need to use the map a lot because you need to travel on car to a lot of place on the town (looong looong distances) but the map is a mess, you cant zoom out to see it completely you, it turns with you, takes a lot of time to see it, this is one of the things that makes the game to really not be perfect. It will make you suffer through out the whole game

- - - - The enemies, they are bullet sponges by the end of the game you will need to shoot so many bullets to only 1 enemy that will drive you mad, it's hard with no purpose at all. The combat in the game is like the map, bad designed, period. One enemy in particular (very easy one) needs a lot of time and you will fight it more than one in a row, and the boss battles are really not that good either...

- - - Too many loading screens all the time.

- - - - - - The quick time events are... my god awful!! Some times the game will give you just 1 sec to press a button others 3...

- - Driving can be tedious and can take a lot of time.

- The graphics are like ps2 kinda.

- Sometimes the music even if it is really good doesn't fit on the scene you are watching, they put happy music on sad moments that just kills the immersion, maybe it is intensional maybe it's not, didn't like it when it happened.

With all the bad things the game have you probably are thinking why 9.5 then? because the good things makes your forget the bad things, you need to play it to know it.