Great idea crippled by bugs

User Rating: 4 | Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut PS3

The game seems to offer a lot in terms of sidequest, freedom and characters. Altough I would prefer some other setting, the region feels very alive and altough some dialogs are somewhat primitive (in the middle you already know what will be at the end) you will soon forget about the prehistoric graphic (graphic is overrated these days anyway) and dive into the world created by the authors.... to be woken up by bugs. There are smaller bugs (overlapping textuers, car jumping on the road) which can be ignored, and bugs which would fit in Starship troopers (game freezing after some time when paused, everything turning black after you leaving the car). The game had potential (I did even survive atempts to use latin words and read them as if it was english O_O wtf?). The game had potential. I was really interested when I got it from PSN, but after several freezes I gave up. (Maybe it was something uniqe to me, altough every other game on my system runs just fine...)