Anyone getting this?

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I pre-ordered as I always wanted to get for 360 but never got the chance to. Hear alot of good things for this.

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Is this really comming out this tuesday?

If so im buying it. Plus the price is reasonable.

I heard its a good game for the horror genre.

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I pre-ordered it the other day. When I did the Gamestop clerk told me I was the first, and only, person to pre-order it.
I'm just sad there is not going to be a midnight opening for any game that night, so I can't pick it up until after work.

I always heard about it on X360, but I just never got around to playing it.This sounded like the way to go when they announced it.

Also, I never saw Twin Peaks, but it sounds like something I'd like and one of my friends never shuts up about it.

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Yeah I was the only one that pre-ordered as well and I did not recieve a call like I usually do before release. I'm hearing now this may not come out until thurs May 2nd which is weird for a release day.

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I just walked into my local gamestop to try and pick up a copy (I didn't preorder). And they have zero copies!!! I checked gamestop online and it seems there are no stores carrying a physical copy (in new york state anyway). And it seems they're sold out in Amazon as well. You can get them from sellers but at a hiked up price. Sooooooooo what's going on?? If and when it appears on PSN tonight maybe I'll download it depending on how large  the file is.