Playing as a scorpion or spider does put a new perspective on things.

User Rating: 6 | Deadly Creatures WII
At first the idea of playing as a spider or scorpion was very intriguing and I welcomed the challenge. However, soon the novelty wore off and I found myself fighting some of the controls or even trying to find where to go. The level design was not what I expected but didn't overly dissapoint.

The best thing about this game was the perspective of each creature. Never before have a played a game where you have to fight off other simple bugs being only a small creature yourself. The controls were easy at first but then they added some extra moves which made it more difficult to maneuver. Fighting the other creatures was very tiresome as for the most part you were severely outgunned and had to find non physical ways of winning. This was interesting at first but then for me became more of a chore than fun.

There were few places to steer off the path but if you didnt find that small cave or tunnel, you were wandering around for hours getting nowhere. Being able to crawl all over was good but then there would be places that you couldnt walk over. how could that be if your a spider that can crawl over pretty much everything. Plus there were times that the levels were just plain and boring with not much going on.

Overall the game itself wasn't that bad and some of the Boss battles were challenging enough to keep some interest but I just feel it could have been so much better.