This in one of the most original games I have ever played, but with some more polish it could have been so much better.

User Rating: 8 | Deadly Creatures WII
Premise: The premise is that there are a spider and a scorpion that are trying to kill each other and survive the hell that is the desert. They are portrayed in a realistic matter like the way a spider and scorpion really would, in fact if wasn't for the fact that animals of different species like rats and beetles are teaming up to kill you, invincible barriers and the fact scorpion's executions were so stylized this would be the most realistic game depiction of animals in a game ever.
Story: Deadly Creatures is about a spider and a scorpion that are trying to hunt and kill each other in a desert. But the real story comes from to two men in the background that are looking for buried gold who are voiced by movie stars Billy Bob Thorton and Dennis Hopper. You hear these two men in the background for some of the levels in the game, and there dialog is really good and even funny at times. The only problem with them is that they are hard to hear at times and are not really seen that much in the game which makes the game seem like it don't have a story at times. Also I saw that there was a subtitles feature for the two guys but it doesn't work during the game play but only during the cut scenes, which is useless since must of there dialog is during the game play.
Game Play: The game play is like a beat em up but is also about exploring the world around you. The attacks are handled by swinging the wii mote in certain ways to get combos. Some time when you enter a certain area a barrier will close off the exits and you will have to kill the multiple enemies in the room. The enemies are all real animals and insects like black widows and lizards that you would really find in the desert. When you are not fighting you are looking for the game's grubs that you collect to unlock the bonus galleries and interviews with Billy Bob Thorton and Dennis Hopper. There are over 400 grubs so it can take a long time to get all of them. The galleries you unlock have a lot of pictures in them and I mean a lot over 20 pictures per gallery. The levels are pretty big and seem open but are in fact linear in a sense. You have to get to a certain point in a level to finish the level and you can often get lost at times, so the developers added an arrow that points to the end if you ever get lost by pressing the 2 button on the remote. After you complete a level as the spider you replay it as the scorpion, but you use a different route to get to the end of it. The spider and scorpion have different abilities from each other in the game. The spider can jump, cover enemies in web, and is faster. The scorpion is stronger can block and has finisher that can kill instantly an enemy when its health is low. The scorpion's finishers are an important part of the game since you will be using them a lot and they look very nice and are unique for every species you face. Latter on in the game the spider and scorpion gains more abilities like the spider being a use his web to attach to another piece of web and zip to it, and the scorpion being able to run really fast.
Graphics: The graphics in the main menu are the best I have ever since in any wii game ever they are shinny and look exactly like the real creatures they are portraying. The graphics after that are pretty good for a wii game. The animals and environments were nice and the spider and scorpion had a good amount of detail.
Glitches: This game has glitches that spoil the games at times. Some of these glitches were from enemies getting stuck on a wall to the camera getting stuck. The most annoying glitch which made me restart a level was when you are climbing up a wall and you get stuck to it and after struggling to get off of the wall I ended up falling to my death after I get unstuck it is so annoying.
Sound: The sound was great. Every animal sounded the way it should, and the music fit the mood and situations perfectly.
Controls: The controls were good during the quick time events and combat and everything for me. But there is a weird problem with certain wii controllers. It always read my controls right with the controller that came with the wii but with my brand new second controller it didn't do it right always during the quick time events. Other then the quick time events though it was worked perfectly.
-fun beat em up action
-scorpion executions are epic and violent
-creepy atmosphere
-fun world to explore
-Kind of short only 7-8 hours
-Glitches can cause you to die at times
-Camera can cause a fight to be difficult at times (rarely happens but still)
-Since the two men in the background don't appear to much the story can end up getting thin
Closing Statement: The game is fun. The glitches stop it from being an 8.5, but it is still a good game, and totally worth your money. I am hoping for a sequel and after you play this game, you will too. 8.0/10