A simple, yet fun and unique game for the Wii, that is a must buy especially considering the price!

User Rating: 8.5 | Deadly Creatures WII
Deadly Creatures is awesome. We all know there a bunch of low-budget crappy games for the Wii, and unfortunately a great title like Deadly Creatures gets lost in the mix. Prior to buying the game I didn't hear any buzz surrounding the game but while at Best buy i noticed it because it has an eye-catching cover. Seriously thats one of the best art covers I've seen. It caught my attention and I did some research on the game and decided to purchase it at the 19.99 price on my next visit.

The game has an erie feel and thankfully the two lead characters the spider and scorpion retain their natural behaviors(so no talking or dancing insects here). The controls are responsive and combat is fun, especially the boss fights. Throughout the game you fight other insects and rats, but fighting a Gila Monster or rattle snake is extra good.

The story isn't clear but there are two human characters( brilliantly voiced by Billy bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper) that kinda get the story going. The story is set in the Sonoran desert in Arizona and the atmosphere is excellent. It's extra special for me cuz i live in the Southwest and the environment in the game is very similar to where I live. Anyway this is a fun game that any Wii owner should have.