Something completely different

User Rating: 8 | Deadly Creatures WII
Deadly Creatures is something unique. Guide your friendly neighborhood spider and scorpion through 10 levels. One of the charming things about this game is the fact that the story takes place around you, and you really don't get the full picture until the very end. Another fun thing is that you get to see some events from the perspectives of both your creatures. I don't want to give anything away, but the final battle has to be one of if not the most original in the history of gaming.

The motion comtrols are used extensively, and if I had one complaint, the number of moves between both animals gets hard to remember so I found that I was relying on a few key ones. Fortunately, the game gives you prompts at points when you need specific moves. While the animations get a little boring after a bit, there is something really fun about watching your tail go through a rat's skull.

One of the things that has to be mentioned about Deadly Creatures is the scale. You really feel like your traversing this huge landscape littered with fun objects that are a joy to figure out.