First off I just want to say very loudly, GIMME BACK MY MONEY. Ok now that thats out of the way here is what I think

User Rating: 2 | Deadliest Warrior: The Game X360
The gore is probably the only good thing about this game, other than that its rubbish. They say that they were going for realism, well I highly doubt a man is gonna continue standing and fighting with his arm cut off or with a spear through his guts instead he will be on the ground writhing in pain and calling for his mommy, seriously when people get shot in the stomach they don't just stand upright and keep shooting back. Another thing, how does an apache break a spartans guard with knives, take a few hits on your shield from those knives and suddenly you are so dazed you can't move i didn't know that knives hitting a shield could cause a concussion effect. And there is only one difficulty level regardless of what the options show, the difficulty should be called luck because thats what 80 percent of the game is based on, will you be killed instantly with a arrow or melee attack to the head or will you be lucky and survive it, or will your opponent die from your first strike or will they be lucky and survive long enough to take another hit or two.

On another note, the multiplayer is broken, I have the found out from playing many annoying and frustrating online matches that it is impossible to get your rank up because of a magical combo, all you have to do if you are about to lose is press start and then go to quit match and instantly you just got a tie, you lose no points for losing and the victor gets no points for winning, isn't awesome when you spend 10 mins looking for a match and you woop your opponents derriere only to have them quit at the last second stopping you from getting any points for your victory. All in all this game is worth about 3 dollars just so that you can unlock the cool samurai avatar gear in single player, once you have that gear there is no point to playing anymore.