An arcade-style shooter practically messed up in the form of an XBOX game...

User Rating: 5.5 | Dead to Rights II XBOX
I played Dead to Rights a long time ago and it was so insanely difficult that I gave up. On the other hand I liked the brutal executions you could take out in the game but it still wasn't worth playing. When Dead to Rights II came out, I was shocked that the creators wanted a second try. So I rented it and guess what, I was hooked to it. It was somewhat guilty pleasure but not cause the game was fun, it was the difficulty which made me want to continue.

The game felt quite hard but not as difficult as the first game, I continued to shoot my way through the quite repetitive stages and missions which lasted for a good 10 minutes and finally completed the game. The game didn't feel that long and the weapons in the game didn't feel that cool. I was using a shotgun but it felt more like a pistol since it took me about 6 shots to kill a guy in the game. Insane or what?

The graphics haven't improved all too that much. For a 2005 game, it is highly disappointing. The interesting stunts the main character can pull-off can be quite amusing to watch but they get fairly old quite too soon.

The game could have been better if they had re-designed the first game (since I liked it a bit) except with a new story but same gameplay mechanics and stuff but made it a bit more easier and actually made the graphics look better.