My introduction to DtR turns out to be a bad experience...

User Rating: 5 | Dead to Rights II XBOX
I am not a picky gamer. Hell, I have finished "True Crime: Streets of L.A." and almost broke my Controller on that one, but DtR2 pulled alot more patience from me.

I'm not sure I need to add alot to the gamespot review, but let me wrap it up for you.

Walking around is clunky, like playing a tank in an RPG with guns. Doesn't sound fun. Its not.
There aren't a whole lot of weapons available, and the enemies' AI doesn't seem to pull a great job either.

The implementation of Shadow is fun, however. One good side.
I like canine's generally, so maybe thats why I like that function.

Anyway, a word of warning:
If you bought it for the latest xBox console, you just wasted money on a game that won't work for you. Bummer, huh?
DtR3 brings alot of expectations. Order that rather then buying this.