If you enjoy shooting things in the face, and you don't mind doing it over and over and over, then check DTR II out.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dead to Rights II XBOX
Welcome to Grant city, a cesspool of crime, sin, and greed. Ok so I just made that up to make it sound a little more interesting but basically Grant city is a real seedy s*ithole where anything rolls and the Police well, let it roll. You play Jack Slate a Cop who enjoys murdering thousands of mindless thugs with his duel 9mm's.

The gameplay is simple. You run though area after area and shoot things and then maybe shoot some boss who takes so many hits to kill he must have three kevlar vests on and be sniffing paint and crack and have a natural immunity to bullets. Actually the bosses are the only ones you don't kill, Jack threatens them with his dog or gasoline and a lighter and they awnser. Speaking of Jacks dog Shadow, he is extreamly useful in tough situations and since I love dogs it makes me like DTR II alot more. This goes on for about six hours until the game ends. Theres also an instant action mode where you shoot more things except theres no pathetic excuse for a storyline.

The graphics have a blurry tint to them that just seems strange and it still looks like a really earlyn PS2 game, not a new age Xbox title. The characters are modeled okay, but instead of a uniform or normal cloths Jack wears a shirt reminicent of a wife beater and two shoulder holsters, which just seems really out of place.

The sound is also pretty bad with enemies constantly repeating the same cheesball one liners over and over, which can drive you insane when repeating a level multiple times. The music isn't too bad and mostly consists of your usual cop action movie techno beats.

Im not sure if this game requires any more of an explanation. Its a pretty bad game, but its great for releaving stress and getting the feeling of playing the action hero in a budget cheesy action flick. So if your like me and you like Stallone and Arnie and Van Damme films, then you just might get somthing out of Dead To Rights II.

Oh and since you play a K9 cop, that makes me give it a better score. Did I mention I love dogs?