This game is a shooter...and ONLY a shooter!

User Rating: 5 | Dead to Rights II XBOX
Dead to Rights returns, but not with the semi-unique gameplay that set it apart from the rest in the first game. Dead to Rights II is a game that gives you guns, then enemies, and then lets you shoot the crap out of those enemies (occasionally using "bullet-time" to accomplish this task). If you're expecting the entertaining gameplay that at least kept your attention from the last game, you're not gonna' get it in this one. No bombs to disarm, no helicopters to shoot from, just aim and shoot, over and over again. As far as sound goes, you'd probably have to turn your volume up really loud to hear it. Overall, this game is fun if you just need someone to shoot really quick, but that's about all that it's good for. And if you absolutely have to get a new Dead to Rights game, get "Reckoning" for the PSP, it's actually Better!