Dead to Rights two doesn't have much of a story and there isn't much to the game neither.

User Rating: 5.5 | Dead to Rights II PS2
(+) good visuals, the endurance mode is fun for a while.

(-) difficult story mode, only like seven weapons in the game. lack of a decent story, repetitive gameplay.

Dead to rights two is one of those games that lack a story mode even though it could of made the game more interesting. To advance to the next level you kill lots of bad guys activate switches and kill more bad guys then you are at the next level. You can use your dog to kill some of them also which is neat. The endurance mode is fun for a while you stay in a small area and kill a certain amount of bad guys then if you kill all of them at that level you get to advance to the next one and when you die the game ends.

The graphics in the game are pretty good and the game has a smooth frame rate too. The sound in this game has music when you play a level which is unusual for shooters so that was a good idea the guns sounds cool and the voice acting is good.

Dead to Rights 2 is an okay game but, it would only be worth a rental because of the lack of a story and the gameplay gets repetitive fast.