If you your waiting on the edge of your seat for Max Payne 3 then this is a good game to hold you over.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dead to Rights II XBOX
Things I liked about this game: -Bullet time is Awesome (you can never go wrong with some bullet time). -You get a pretty decent supply of weapons. -There's levels were you use weapons and there's levels were you use hand to hand combat. -Graphics were really good. -The sounds and music were pretty cool. -Very action packed. -The game play was fun. Things I didn't like: -The story line was pretty dumb. -It was short (only took me 5.5 hours to beat). -The Enemies A.I. was horrible. -It was way to easy. Overall: Even though a lot of people didn't like Dead to Rights 2 I thought it was pretty cool. If you can get it cheap you should check it out.