Fun to shoot a lot of people but that's about it.

User Rating: 7 | Dead to Rights II XBOX
Dead to Rights is back again for a sequel. If you played the first Dead to Rights you found out that it was ok not the best game in the world but it was all right. Well in the second on it's kind of the same but not really as good. Well first off the story in this one is the worst I've seen in one in a long time. And yea there's some beat em up scenes in the game but there not good.

One of the things that I like the most about this one and the first one is you put it on the hardest level and go out and just blast you enemies. You actually pay attention when you killing all these guys it's crazy at the body counts. There ain't even enough body bags in the city for all these guy's to be put in.

The game doesn't actually let you aim so you press a button to target then press another to shoot. You'll be able to figure out how good your reflexes are. This game doesn't have much replay value in it unless you bored or for the people who load up a game and kill a bunch of people to release stress. For the most part you should rent the game if you want to try it out but if you want to buy it just try looking in a yard sale or something the game isn't worth paying that much for.