if you are a fan of Bullet time games and Kung Fu Games, then U found what u r looking for

User Rating: 7.5 | Dead to Rights II PC
In 2003 Namco released Dead to Rights
It was a cool game, Jack can carry several kinds of weapons, he can dive in slow motion and he can fight his enemies hand to hand, call shadow(his dog) to attack enemies, and the best part, quick kill techniques
after 2 years Namco released the sequel of the game, it simply called Dead to Rights II
the Graphics are much better, the diving is better, Jack can dive easily in all directions, the slow motion is now better then before, hand to hand combat is pretty same as before but more fun
but the Quick kill techniques are boring now, yes sir, boring, why?
well it's simply because Jack repeats the same move every time....

I think gamers who played this game will always wonder:

Jack is an ordinary cop!!! not a superhero!!!! What do I mean with that?
well, every step you'll meet with a bunch of bad guys, and I mean it when I say every step, sure you can use wall cover, use diving, but com on!!!!
you die, you'll restart all over again, that is really annoying.

Overall the game is a good action, it's better then the first one I think
so if you are a fan of Max Payne and Path of Neo, go grab this game, it's Fun.