High fright factor that remains constant from beginning to end!

User Rating: 10 | Dead Space PC
Before I've played Dead Space, I played F.E.A.R. I thought that was the scariest game I've ever played in my life. This game makes a game like F.E.A.R look like a game for toddlers. Even though the fright for this game relies on the "boogeyman" type of scare, it's worth more than the price they're selling it for.

This game had such a consistent storyline that kept you intrigued that no matter how frightened you were to go into that dark spot or you had to leave your teammates, you still would do it just for the story. There were many times where I wanted to uninstall the game, which I did, and I started right back up again because of the wonderful, scary memories I've had with this game.

Such "boogeyman" scare factors were dead bodies popping up, the audio track that was playing in the backround, scary visuals such as a Necromorph (or another word for this is zombie) banging its head on a wall, and the whole fact that you're all alone in a ship by yourself. Your teammates aren't always going to be with you, just like any other survival horror game, it takes a real gamer to get by levels in this game. This game is definately worth a try if you're into scary games, I do not recommend anyone who is new to the horror franchise to this game as this game could scare you so much that you wouldn't want to play another horror game again.

Unless you were a real gamer.