Go to space they said, it will be fun they said...

User Rating: 8.5 | Dead Space PC
Dead space kind of creeps in on the Doom 3 like feel of closed spaces and monsters and enemies springing up on you in the dark. Dead space has you playing Isaac upon a ship that is doomed for mysterious and terrifying events. The best part about this 3rd person shooter is that it really makes you conserve your ammo and you realize how hard it is to come by. The upgrades you can perform on your life suit you wear is the best feature in the game, wherein you collect power nodes and trade it for upgrades on your suit and weapons. The dark eerie corridors of a doomed ship and gravitational forces add a nice speck to this game.

I spent approximately 18 to 20 hours finishing this game. The end result is satisfying and leaves space for the next installment to carry on the franchise. The weapon choice is as great as the varied number of enemies you fight and the difficulty level they possess. The only complaint about this game would be that the game is way too linear and after a while the level designs seem a bit repetitive. But that is masked by the gorgeous shooter that this game is and it revives the feeling of the Doom 3 days, which for me is mind blowing. I always had a soft corner for this stand alone straight up shooters without much character interactions.

Dead Space works the way a game should work, there is nothing too special in it but for what it does do in this game, it's done right. First of all The way they set up the horror in this game is outstanding, they play a scary part of music and you know whats coming, and another thing that scares the crap out of me in this game is when the Necromorphs come out of the ducts in the ceiling, you never see it coming and you will jump out of your seat when it does happen. Another thing that they make really scary is when the Necromorphs start running after you, something about this just scares the crap out of me. They just got the Horror right in this game scary music, dark corridors, scary monsters, and scary moments when Necromorphs jump out at you and they don't do it too much so it dosen't get to the point where it becomes typical. So all and all they got the horror right.