Survival-Horror of extreme quality

User Rating: 8 | Dead Space PC
Dead Space is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying games of recent times, a game that has managed to mix Shooter, terror and science fiction very well, is a game that resembles quite a Resident Evil 4 for its camera in the back, but it is a game well different from others of the same genre, the story of the game is good, and you want to know the outcome of it, the characters are interesting, Issac is a good protagonist, and you cheer for him in the campaign, the mood of the game is very dark and scary, there are many moments that you are afraid to explore the game and there are several moments with scares, but it is not a free scare, the game does not exaggerate in Jumpscare, the graphics are very beautiful, the atmosphere is great, moments, the gameplay is good, but it has some problems, it is slow, and the character takes a lot to load the weapon, and the camera sometimes gets in the way of combat, especially in small places, Dead Space is a game that deserves and be played mainly for lovers of science fiction and horror. Note 88