One of a kind

User Rating: 8 | Dead Space X360

Good voice acting but nothing that stands out as amazing. I love the sound effects, They really help set the atmosphere for this game.

They do a great job at setting up the survival horror theme but the environments lack variety, It's pretty much all the same copy and paste each level. There's very little difference.

Game Play:
Simple yet enjoyable. Don't know why the melee aspect of the combat is in it because it's so ineffective but shooting the limbs off enemies is rather fun and doesn't grow stale in the slightest.

The story is told mostly though voice over communications and is rather unsatisfying for the most part. There's actually quite a few genuine scares through out the game. The combat is bloody and very fun to play. The developers nail the survival horror aspect of the game. Audio logs help fill gaps in the story and some of which are quite interesting to listen to. Filled with plenty of cheap and gruesome deaths.

Overall: 8/10
What small issues Dead Space does suffer from doesn't stop it from being a great game that is well worth playing.