A game that you'll never ever forget. Instant classic.

User Rating: 10 | Dead Space PC
This is what I call horror gaming. This game is so immersive tha you sometimes forget it's only a game. At times you really jump off your chair because it's pretty scary. I replayed it after I had played it some five years ago and all I can say this is a masterpiece of a game. Everything works fine there: the atmosphere, the monsters, the gameplay and the game itself is smooth like silk. You're Isaac on a mission on some vessel called Ishimura and from the beginning you're caught on that huge vessel and your only objective is to get out of here. You arrive with a team to find out what happened on Ishimura, why did all the people die and all the communication was off. So you find out that there was something called the Marker which did all this and with the help of Nicole (in the end a traitor) you try to stay alive and get out of here. In order to do it you kill monsters, you improve your weapons and suit with the help of nodes, you buy or sell items. The game is wonderful, the animations are scary and the character's moves are natural. The music is entertaining and the bosses are really deadly. Beware, there are some hard-to-put-down bosses.
Overall the game must be played by all sorts of gamers. It doesn't matter, it's an experience one should live.